Immersive Art Happenings

2009.09.11: Cross-Reality Atompunk Event

updated 20091108 02:30 CET

Photo by Anouk Timmerman ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - ATOM.LIVE.NU_20090911_Gogbot_

ATOM.LIVE.NU 11 september 2009

fridaynight 03:00 – 04:00 CEST (= SL 6 pm – 7 pm PDT)

Immersive Atompunk Happening with many artists:


Immersive music, media & art happening, integrating all possible live tech devices and reality zones. Numerous audio-visual telecommunication gadgets creating an environment where ‘atom life’ visitors of the Atak venue can meet, dance and interact with ‘digital life’ avatars at a simultaneous GOGBOT Atompunk virtual world party.

Terror Dance Noize by: DJ Jce Emoto

Live performances, interventions and virusses by:

Ludic Society (Austria), Second Front (global), Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, (global), Stelarc (Aus), Sandwoman (NL), Artnoise Gynoid (NL), Ingrid BreckHerman Bergson (NL), Pyewacket Kazyanenko (Australia), Meta Lord (cyb), Ze Moo (cyb), Weer Stand (cyb), QuarkZ Kawashima (USA), Mamachinima (NL), DFM RTV INT (global)

Supported by: PLANETART, Second Enschede, NewBerlin, Meta.Live.Nu , and more!

Latest line-up changes, participation instructions and more details coming up…


Photo by Anouk Timmerman ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - ATOM.LIVE.NU _20090911_Gogbot_


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  1. […] the 3 very best digital ATOMPUNK artworks. This will be announced during the ATOM.LIVE.NU happening in newBERLIN , SL /  ATAK Enschede, NL These 3 winners will also be exposed on large videoprojections to a ‘RL’ audience at […]

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